Barbara Frei one of the 25 most influential women in the Czech business again

Like every year, Hospodářské noviny published the results of the survey for the 25 most influential women of the Czech business. Experts were trying to choose those ladies from the number of interesting managers and businesswomen who could become an inspiration for the others.

In spite of the more and more obvious trend of entrusting managerial posts to women, only 6% of similar posts are held by women at the 100 largest Czech firms, which is deep below the European average. As Hospodářské noviny stated: “If we were to find the firm which appreciates women most of all in this country, the first places would belong to Moravia Steel, Vodafone or ABB – as these firms entrusted their highest positions to women.”
Ms Barbara Frei, Country Manager of ABB Czech Republic, has become one of the twenty-five most influential women of the Czech business for the second subsequent year. Even though she has been working in the Czech Republic for not even two whole years only, she managed to achieve the 24th position last year and still to improve this evaluation when she has become, according to the scale, the fifteenth most influential women of the Czech business this year.
In a short interview for Hospodářské noviny Barbara Frei said: “I did not expect that so few women would work in the technical area in the Czech Republic. Before my coming to Prague I was travelling to many countries on various continents and in most of them I met many more female engineers. On the other hand, I was nicely surprised by the friendly approach with which local business people accepted me.”
Barbara Frei has managed to get ABB s.r.o., which employs almost 2,700 people in eight locations of the Czech Republic, among the five best employers in this country.

The scale of the 25 most influential women of the Czech business:
1. Muriel Anton (Vodafone)
2. Magdalena Součková (Ernst & Young)
3. Vladimíra Glatzová (Glatzová & Co.)
4. Jane Gilson (Microsoft)
5. Eva Štěpánková (Ryor)
6. Alena Ludrovská (BNP Paribas - Cetelem)
7. Jane Hanah (Č. Radiokomunikace)
8. Jaroslava Járková (Henkel)
9. Libuše Šmuclerová (Ringier)
10. Andrea Ferancová (Wood & Co.)
11. Sonia Slavtcheva (Home Credit)
12. Vladimira Papirnik (Squire Sanders Dempsey)
13. Alexis George (ING)
14. Taťána le Moigne (Google)
15. Barbara Frei (ABB)
16. Klára Starková (Generali PPF Holding)
17. Dita Stejskalová (Ogilvy)
18. Kateřina Janků (Moravia Worldwide)
19. Anna Berdychová (Dell)
20. Jana Žižková (SAS)
21. Jitka Schmiedová (Česká spořitelna)
22. Lucie Vorlíčková (Vorlíčková & Leitner)
23. Barbora Stejskalová (T-Mobile)
24. Jana Riebová (UniCredit)
25. Daria Lamžová (Sodexo)

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    Barbara Frei, Country Manager of ABB Czech Republic

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